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                  Personal Loans at Fixed Rates from 5.95% APR to 12.99% APR
                  (with AutoPay)

                  find my rate

                  Call us for a Free Consultation at


                  Checking your rate will not affect your credit score.

                  Easy & Secure

                  secure & confidential

                  Get Money in 1

                  ...hour. Or even faster!

                  Up to $100k

                  in cash or a wired transfer!

                  Up to 3 YRS

                  36 months of low rates


                  no bank visit required!

                  Pay off Credit Cards or
                  Invest in a Major Purchase

                  Are you paying more than 10% of interest on your credit cards? Our low interest rates will help you save thousands of dollars in payments. With the lowest rates and a fixed monthly payment, you can pay off high interest debt, like credit cards, or make a major purchase. It only takes minutes to apply.

                  Stunning Repayment Flexibility
                  for Your Loan

                  Paying off your personal loans gets easy within our online dashboard.

                  • Choose your preferred monthly payment

                  • Increase your payment amount anytime

                  • Make extra or early payments without fees

                  • No fees, hidden or otherwise

                  WHY LoanOffer is the Smartest Choice?

                  Serious Savings

                  Borrow from $5k-$100k at fixed rates that start at 5.95% APR (with AutoPay)

                  No Fees. No Catch.

                  No origination fees or pre-payment penalties. What you see is what you get.

                  Easy Experience

                  Simple online application and access to live customer support 7 days a week.

                  Community Benefits

                  If you lose your job, we’ll temporarily pause your payments and even assist you in finding a new job!

                  Invest in
                  Your Career

                  Pay Off Credit
                  Card Debt

                  Take Care of
                  Medical Expenses

                  Cover Your
                  Moving Expenses

                  Invest in Home

                  Consolidate Other
                  High Interest Loans

                  Personal Loan Comparison

                  Here’s how LoanOffer Personal Loans compare

                  APR range:
                  • Fixed Rates
                    5.95% – 12.99%
                  • Variable Rates
                    4.80% – 11.40%
                    (with AutoPay)5
                  • Fees
                    No Fees
                  • Term
                    3, 5, or 7 years
                  • Amount
                    $5,000 – $100,000
                  • Unemployment Protection 4
                  Lending Club
                  APR range:
                  • 5.99 – 35.96%
                  • Fees
                    1 – 5% Origination Fee
                  • Term
                    3 or 5 years
                  • Amount
                    $1,000 – $40,000
                  • Unemployment Protection 4
                  Personal Loan
                  APR range:
                  • 6.99 – 29.99%
                  • Fees
                    No Fees
                  • Term
                    3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 years
                  • Amount
                    $2,500 – $30,000
                  • Unemployment Protection 4
                  Credit Cards
                  APR range:
                  • 11.96 – 22.56%
                  • Fees
                    3% Balance Transfer Fee
                  • Term
                  • Amount
                  • Unemployment Protection 4

                  Fast application.
                  Fast process. So easy.

                  Apply for a decision in minutes.

                  • Find Your Rate

                    Get pre-approved online with no fees and no long-term obligations

                  • Select Your Loan & Apply

                    Choose the loan that fits you and complete your application.

                  • Put your e-signature in
                    and receive your money

                    Sign your documents and funds will be immediately wired to your account.

                  How We Help People

                  With serious savings, a seamless online application, and unique community benefits, our members have a lot to say about our loans!

                  This has quite possibly been the best experience that I've had—easy application process, great rates, and great customer service.

                  Jane Stephens

                  New York

                  My LoanOffer personal loan will save me thousands of dollars in interest. The application process was fast and effortless.

                  Christopher Campbell


                  I know I’m making progress and LoanOffer has given me the freedom to invest that money in other assets.

                  Adam Devine


                  As opposed to credit cards' variable rates - our loans have a fixed interest rate. This means on funding day 1 you'll know your exact monthly payment schedule for the term of the loan!

                  As opposed to credit cards’ variable rates – our loans have a fixed interest rate. This means on funding day 1 you’ll know your exact monthly payment schedule for the term of the loan!

                  Welcome to our wonderful world. We sincerely hope that each and every user entering our website will find exactly what he/she is looking for. With advanced features of activating account and new login widgets, you will definitely have a great experience of using our web page.

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